Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot
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i make music, play video games and have a grand old time :^)

You can kill the pee dog but you can't kill the dog pee
Tommy Makes Rust 1000% Funnier
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The Wilbur Soot DreamSMP Finale
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Am I the Villain? (Dream SMP)
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I am the Worst Imposter
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Tiny Brain Among Us Plays
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Sortable Soap
Sortable Soap Před 21 hodinou
This was not 4 months ago
fabian rincon
fabian rincon Před 21 hodinou
i love maddie
Uriel Skelton
Uriel Skelton Před 21 hodinou
Bro that muffin is looking awfully like a hamster
Arla Pro
Arla Pro Před 21 hodinou
just unsub wilbur is bad he is punching people like (mr beast) wilbur the child
Sam Eves
Sam Eves Před 21 hodinou
Wilbur has some Windows 69 shit
Sulette du Preez
Sulette du Preez Před 21 hodinou
i am crying
apparently bird _
apparently bird _ Před 21 hodinou
Rag tag is a funny term
Victoria Baderacchi
Victoria Baderacchi Před 22 hodinami
Are we gonna talk about how a big % of the memes where actually from miniladds meme stream😂😂👌👌
Toby Shelton
Toby Shelton Před 22 hodinami
I like how he slowly goes insane over the course of the video
Radiant Bodi
Radiant Bodi Před 22 hodinami
19:20 hous
Katie W
Katie W Před 22 hodinami
Jojo Mart: join please Chat: no they are bad Wilbur : “let’s be the bad guys”
The ParTos Guy
The ParTos Guy Před 22 hodinami
M9b Members
M9b Members Před 22 hodinami
boooooo get off the stage
Max Hucul
Max Hucul Před 22 hodinami
If I could’ve added AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA After the guy said my main goal is to blow up
M9b Members
M9b Members Před 22 hodinami
bitch boy
M9b Members
M9b Members Před 22 hodinami
.............. BITCH BOY
Dominic Owen-Potter
Dominic Owen-Potter Před 22 hodinami
Void With a Gun
Void With a Gun Před 22 hodinami
Man as an scp fan I fell like that Wilbur like scp
Lili Beth
Lili Beth Před 22 hodinami
I can't fathom my love for this song
I love Sound effects
I love Sound effects Před 22 hodinami
Emdash Před 22 hodinami
One day my kids will ask what i listened to as a child, *and ill have the link ready*
animeboss 11
animeboss 11 Před 22 hodinami
but fr where did he find the intro commercial thing or he just made it himself with some friends
Emilee Shaw
Emilee Shaw Před 22 hodinami
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez Před 22 hodinami
*W i l b y S c o o t*
Darian Ward
Darian Ward Před 22 hodinami
that whole interraction between wilbur and minx had me dead
freedom fury 123
freedom fury 123 Před 22 hodinami
That smile though ❤🥰
Its Crazy Oofs
Its Crazy Oofs Před 22 hodinami
how do i install mods yall?
Akia¡曇り Před 22 hodinami
Da AKM Před 22 hodinami
The bag that the dog was holding in it’s mouth looked like the same kind of bag I get crickets for my gecko in
ryan Lee
ryan Lee Před 22 hodinami
im from astralia
Hurricane HEE HEE
Hurricane HEE HEE Před 22 hodinami
Who is the she?, just wondering
Take some blue
Take some blue Před 22 hodinami
Some good stuff: 13:09 14:11 14:55 16:34
Emeraldツ Před 22 hodinami
Anyone else think it’s funny how Wilbur says Wilbur soot at Wilbur sut
VAN Tieu
VAN Tieu Před 22 hodinami
Willbur this is ur fan do u play x life?
VAN Tieu
VAN Tieu Před 22 hodinami
Because when I saw one of the vid and saw u in x life her name is ldshadowlady when she was at spawn I saw ur Tatum and ur player there
Shuffle Truffle
Shuffle Truffle Před 22 hodinami
1:36 WILBUR TRYING TO CATCH THE FCKING WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!?
Many-Counrtys89 TvT
Many-Counrtys89 TvT Před 22 hodinami
Netherbrine Před 23 hodinami
You realise they always break the rules with that Cheeto meme? He's seen it multiple times and he laughs, but that's breaking the rule where he can't of seen it before
XxLemon_DemonxX Před 23 hodinami
Hi daddy Wilbur :>
Julian Ram
Julian Ram Před 23 hodinami
3:46 Willbur:"i wanna smell your hair" Wilbur nose:vacooming her lice (:
Goku Kakorot
Goku Kakorot Před 23 hodinami
NylonGenesis Před 23 hodinami
Will almost choking on water because he expected the normal clip was peak, because me too.
Isayuh The Vanquished
Isayuh The Vanquished Před 23 hodinami
BRO my liking the video made it go from 299,000 likes to 300,000. i am the almighty. (alsi willy you are a horrible pet owner as well as pest control...er)
Woofly Před 23 hodinami
Why is Wilbur only in my right ear during his sponsored portion of the video? Then why is the music only in my left? Why is the world like this? Why is the world the the way it is? :(
Hamster 22
Hamster 22 Před 23 hodinami
TikTok beenie
Jaime Cortes
Jaime Cortes Před 23 hodinami
Wilburt why do they back up him after they talk throws kill poishion 😐
Owen Knowles
Owen Knowles Před 23 hodinami
I wonder if he ever went to tesco.
KaMi~desu Před 23 hodinami
I like how the chat goes "pog" " me gusta" "e" " vibe check"
yes yes
yes yes Před 23 hodinami
At the start it looked like a crappy house but then it just kept going and going to the point where I questioned if it even stopped
rejecqtion Před 23 hodinami
I instantly recognised this building in Adelaide at 17:59
Fadded Reality
Fadded Reality Před 23 hodinami
Communism sucks i played this and I immediately fell in lava
The Everything Channel
The Everything Channel Před 23 hodinami
i’m only worried about the “1. KILL” in the corner
MTGamer Před 23 hodinami
“Who tf is Squashy?!” :’) this is fine
Juan ramirez
Juan ramirez Před 23 hodinami
lol are you really 26 or 24 ?
Katelyn Před 23 hodinami
Yeah so don't turn captions on...
FuzyCatFries Před 23 hodinami
Somebody did a female cover of this song from the view of the twitch streamer
*Zodiac . Cyan . Gloomy*
*Zodiac . Cyan . Gloomy* Před 23 hodinami
“60 percent of them are ones I’ve already seen” “60percent of the videos I watched make me laugh”
Alice King
Alice King Před 23 hodinami
This is my comfort song :) <3
xX_Tpower _Xx
xX_Tpower _Xx Před 23 hodinami
potassium'd pog
kenzie Před 23 hodinami
Can I be a test subject for you to make bleed, suffer, and be full of pain it seems fun and currently your my favorite CSshowsr so I'd be honored not kinky dont take it that way please
autumnnish Před 23 hodinami
wilbur, 25:16 with the halo multiplier guys voice killed me
XxSleepy_MoonxX And Xxšľëêpý_šůñxX
The look i give my mom when we get our report cards 1:37
Johan Iskandar
Johan Iskandar Před 23 hodinami
Eleyana Alfaro
Eleyana Alfaro Před 23 hodinami
Can anybody tell me the EXACT name of the song that plays when the items in the circles and the biomes is,I wanna make a animatic with it
Eleyana Alfaro
Eleyana Alfaro Před 23 hodinami
The song that plays before “origins mod” is shown on the screen
Filipineboi Před 23 hodinami
My solution: 1. Get 5/7 wood/stone blocks 2. Make a bridge 3. Minethe blocks in the back 4. Use the mined blocks to advance 5. Repeat step 3 and 4 (exclusively in that order)
Filipineboi Před 23 hodinami
Edit on step 1, get any block, just 5 or 7 blocks of any kind
Alynna Jackson
Alynna Jackson Před 23 hodinami
I'd just like to say....that this is not what normal American houses look like 👁️👄👁️
CjhTuber Hogan
CjhTuber Hogan Před 23 hodinami
7:10 7:40 7:50 8:06 8:35 9:24
Nicholas Gabriel
Nicholas Gabriel Před 23 hodinami
i like anime but i totally agree with rule 3 which is "no weebs(under penalty of death(he's looking at phil))"
I only say ok
I only say ok Před dnem
Send It With Sam
Send It With Sam Před dnem
"maybe everything will get better"
Boss1d 19
Boss1d 19 Před dnem
Jason Derulooo 😂😂
Gengar Gastly
Gengar Gastly Před dnem
When he did the John sena theme I was drinking water
Theodore Kuehn
Theodore Kuehn Před dnem
I don’t want to break my dads back from my bad thoughts
Makenzie Před dnem
I found this song 6 months ago. I can't. 6 months ago doesn't seem that long ago but my life has changed so much since then and it's crazy
Camden Beakes
Camden Beakes Před dnem
Trent -a -potomas
Wilbur: spits water His brain: catch it
Makenzie Před dnem
I cannot accept the fact that this was 4 months ago. The amount of nights I would stay up otp with my bsf while we were basically screaming this song until 3am playing minecraft to sitting with minecraft on for another hour before we got off and watched youtube by starting videos at the same time while on the call since we live in different states now. We haven't played minecraft in like 2 and a half months and man I miss it. Who knew I would miss that. I thought it was fun but also hated it because my sleep schedule was SO messed up for school
Qwertygunsthatsquirt H2O
20:10 I realted with Wilbur like a week ago I'm sure that's not a good thing is it? I don't know
Demi McNie
Demi McNie Před dnem
i did better than you
BlueBerry Time
BlueBerry Time Před dnem
Wilbur is making niki uncomfortable when hes staring at her
babypanda Před dnem
One of my friends bought us kazoos each Because we all have anxiety So we can have our panic attacks funnier :) Mines green :3