I am the Worst Imposter 

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Wilbur Simp Youtooz out now (limited): youtooz.com/
I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
@TommyInnit @Fundy @Tubbo @Ph1LzA @Dangthatsalongname @Niki Nihachu @Pokimane @ConnorEatsPants @JschlattLIVE
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot
Edited: KaiRossBests
Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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25. 09. 2020





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Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot Před 5 měsíci
Thank you guys for watching! The Wilbur Simp collectible is on sale right now, there is one run being created so if you want it, grab it here: youtooz.com/products/wilbur-simp
G Family
G Family Před 3 dny
4/3/21 it has 6.9k likes
Percocet Sadness
Percocet Sadness Před 3 dny
Chequered Platypus
Chequered Platypus Před měsícem
I wish I could buy ur yootooz ;)
Le Sharky
Le Sharky Před 2 měsíci
... I heard simp? I'm a simp😃 Btw Ily and I think you are genuinely funny. I hope you have a good rest of your 24 hours😁
Urbane Pizza
Urbane Pizza Před 2 měsíci
its very high quality
Phoenix Galaxy
Phoenix Galaxy Před 8 hodinami
Excuse me Wilbur but can you do please tell me where David lives that throw has revoked his life privileges
Galaxy X
Galaxy X Před dnem
Afk afk
Purple • Seal
Purple • Seal Před dnem
I’m 13, my dad swears more than Wilbur He walks into my room after Wilbur swears and goes “I don’t think that language is suitable.” You swear like 17 times a minute, Wilbur swears like 2 times a minute I’m 13 and I don’t like swearing, why would I swear? If I hadn’t learnt to swear from you, I won’t learn from Wilbur Be quiet you’re ancient Like excuse me? Go away you hypocrite
1.5ltr 2004 Ford Fiesta
I would quit after what happened with Bavid ( when he and Wilbur where behind the door at lights )
Robeau lox
Robeau lox Před 2 dny
I read the "youtube unsubscribes you" me: Ugh I'll check. Me: IT ACTUALLY GLITCH
kathy lau
kathy lau Před 3 dny
lol ily wilbur
Colton Turner
Colton Turner Před 4 dny
Crazyladymaya_ YT
Crazyladymaya_ YT Před 5 dny
“Oh I finally got imposter! Oh it took so f#%king long!” “Anyone not muted?” “FOR F#%KS SAKE!” **goes afk, rushes back like there’s no tomorrow kills Tommy and leaves again** *I’m dead*
Abbie Universe
Abbie Universe Před 6 dny
Wilbur is the funniest imposter yet. Lol.😂
Abbie Universe
Abbie Universe Před 6 dny
"I was in the room where it happened." Yaaaasss Tommy!
Kirsten Ward
Kirsten Ward Před 6 dny
hi wilbur soot
Rica- Mora-
Rica- Mora- Před 7 dny
Wilbur being a shitty impostor: *SUS* Wilbur being a master detective and deducing who the imps are: *SUS*
Ergiro Lark
Ergiro Lark Před 8 dny
Уилбур либо умирает в начале, либо он испостор
James Doherty
James Doherty Před 9 dny
I f you ever feel useless remember that the flash has a motorcycle
DirtiCrimeBoi Před 10 dny
more crusti myk noyzes
Rufee Před 10 dny
Will will well
Trenton van Zoeren
Trenton van Zoeren Před 11 dny
Pokimane is so fucking annoying
Amelia Horsley
Amelia Horsley Před 11 dny
Wilbur noo ✋
racøön Před 12 dny
wiblur soot
justicecaparros Před 12 dny
When Wilbur is the impostor you know it will be a fun time
Unlived Foil
Unlived Foil Před 14 dny
*Wilbur not getting impostor*😑 *me in another game getting impostor literally 10 times in a row*😌
Sophia Gabrielle Agunod
Tubbo is awesome at this game.
Pheolox Před 15 dny
0:11- 0:17 best of wilbur soot 2020
Frogizz Froggo
Frogizz Froggo Před 17 dny
Artzi Před 18 dny
Me at 12:38 am: F sleep I need to watch Wilbur
Artzi Před 18 dny
Hamilton flashbacks are flooding my mind
Artzi Před 18 dny
Wilbur for some reason when I say “Schlatt” or “Jschlatt” my voice goes to a weird accent I just can’t say it normally unintentionally T^T
Macky Tokar
Macky Tokar Před 19 dny
He soocks at this game.... I’m sorry 😂
Selah Khoy
Selah Khoy Před 20 dny
.  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • . Wilbur was not The Imposter.  。 .     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   .     。      ゚   .     . ,    . wait... he was innocent? ˚ ° . , · ඞ ¬ඞ always has been..
Golden Ez
Golden Ez Před 20 dny
7:27 Hamilton is pogchamp 8:18 hes always that- just kidding XD
Ella Machanik
Ella Machanik Před 20 dny
Pokimane has THE WORST British accent I’ve ever heard... holy
Shigø Před 21 dnem
Waybe you're the worst sus, but you're the funniest and the best youtuber.(to me)
James the astronaut
James the astronaut Před 22 dny
Tommy was in the room where it happened the room where it happened
•Griffila• Před 23 dny
bad imposter. that why no one liek you heh
Nitro Před 23 dny
Pooki is either way too smart or way to slik.
Josie Gonzalez
Josie Gonzalez Před 25 dny
There were so many Hamilton References
Hanime Před 25 dny
greatest intro ever.
Molello Girl
Molello Girl Před 26 dny
Wilbur: "Pokimane!" Captions:Pokemon!
Dwarf Před 26 dny
David is so stupid lmao
Arwa Salih
Arwa Salih Před 27 dny
beep boop is better than beeb boob yes
Molton64 Před 27 dny
I really want the Wilbur soot youtooz but it’s out of stock
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Před 28 dny
The stereotyped nation radiographically man because quit neurologically trouble behind a domineering granddaughter. erect, devilish geranium
Trash Panda :3
Trash Panda :3 Před 28 dny
"I finally got imposter, let's not screw up!" *immediately screws up*
Egg-Di Před 29 dny
If you press alt f4 as imposter you can turn on thermal vision
avqxiia Před 29 dny
"its 10 o'clock, i have to be quiet or the internet will just go off." -tommyinnit 2020
Gabriel Anand
Gabriel Anand Před 29 dny
12:00 I thought he said shitting the asteroids...
ritzonatan situmorang
ritzonatan situmorang Před měsícem
MOM TOOK AWAY MY PS4! so i punched a hole through my bedroom wall.
Tiernan Watson
Tiernan Watson Před měsícem
20:04 David is officially brain dead
Tubbox Před měsícem
Tubbo is too smart for his age
Fat Badger
Fat Badger Před měsícem
The intro killed me.
Ruby Snowling
Ruby Snowling Před měsícem
god asveeeee the queeeeeeeeeennn
Gavinator S
Gavinator S Před měsícem
Razo Před měsícem
Please don't use God's name in vain
Finz Před měsícem
God smells bad.
Cheetah X-Ray
Cheetah X-Ray Před měsícem
boistcritical Před měsícem
wilbur soot? more like wilbur worst impostor ever.
Salty Bicky
Salty Bicky Před měsícem
The start literally made me cry of laughter
Riesa Brukiewa
Riesa Brukiewa Před měsícem
Oooooooffffffff, for the beginning, I feel bad for you
Stardust0901 Před měsícem
20:03, time to murder a pink boi
E Před měsícem
Help Me I like the Cats movie
ngl david dumb
Raylynn Whitacre
Raylynn Whitacre Před měsícem
Only me or when he said nice to f**king meat you it reminded me of Hardin on after when he said “f**king Trevor. Only me okay.
《Nagito Komaeda》
《Nagito Komaeda》 Před měsícem
5RW 1819
5RW 1819 Před měsícem
i am going to paste whatever is there csshows.info/up/video/ddeexXSch5rIlX4.html
Olympus Mike
Olympus Mike Před měsícem
Pokimane is so annoying this video my gosh
TheGamingShiba Před měsícem
the pure anger in will's eyes as he maze-runners his way back to his mouse just to kill tommy lmfao
Taehyung X
Taehyung X Před měsícem
why is James potter playing among us
clash of slash
clash of slash Před měsícem
no one: absoloutley no one: wilbur: *IMPOSTER* wilby its called impostor not imposter
watlat Před měsícem
Whistle guy was playing hot cross bun poorly
Cameron fleener
Cameron fleener Před měsícem
wolf pak
wolf pak Před měsícem
god dont need to save our queen out queen is imortal
Udonis Haslem
Udonis Haslem Před měsícem
THATONENOOB Před měsícem
I bought two of the youtooz and lemme tell ya ITS FOOKIN NOICE I spent my entir years allowance on them but still worth it 😊
ThatOneRandomBookNerd Před měsícem
Wilbur: *singing* I'm the good guyyyy *gets killed* Me: You're the dead guyyyy
Quantum Rage
Quantum Rage Před měsícem
Ello love, Bri'ish pokimane
Rhianna SisodiaHammond
Rhianna SisodiaHammond Před měsícem
samantha sherman
samantha sherman Před měsícem
Wilbur laughing hysterically after saying “Where are we going Pokimane? Are we staying here, or are we leaving?” shot me out idk man I was not expecting to wheeze at that
Margo Spears
Margo Spears Před měsícem
im sorry but that head tilt while grabbing the water was so cute :) 6:21
The Pigs Are Rebelling
The Pigs Are Rebelling Před měsícem
I just realised I watched this from Tommy’s perspective before but I’m still gonna keep watching Wilbur’s video because it might give me more knowledge of the stuff happening. idk.
MeiSpeedpaints Před měsícem
0:40 comes back to kill Tommy out of hate o-o
Jonnycoolman Před měsícem
And the slowest editor
aylee Před měsícem
Cheeto Cheese
Cheeto Cheese Před měsícem
Wilbur: AFK Tommy walks up to Wilbur Wilbur running like the flash back to the computer : *clicks button*
Louie Mitchell
Louie Mitchell Před měsícem
For 2 months, I thought tubbo and wilbur were the same person 🤔
Lewis Hill
Lewis Hill Před měsícem
wilburs so good at this game and everyone else is shit
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming Před měsícem
Hate to break it to y’all, but Wilbur killed Tommy so he didn’t report the body and vote him out
Genji_playz Před měsícem
who tf made among us rlly had only a few friends huh?
FourWasDone Před měsícem
I love how the youtooz link is Wilbur Simp
carlstal Před měsícem
houwlingwoolf Před měsícem
I’m eating a carrot
-josiebear- Před měsícem
Wilbur: do not throw away your shot Me: I aM nOt ThRoWiNg AwAy My ShOt I aM nOt ThRoWiNg AwAy My sHoT aY yO i’M jUsT lIkE mY cOuNtRy-
Kenma Simp
Kenma Simp Před měsícem
i love the beginning a lot 😺💕
Dark Hall Of Meme's
Dark Hall Of Meme's Před měsícem
Wilbur : finnally imposter Other's : is anyone muted? Wilbur : FUCK!
Becky Anne
Becky Anne Před měsícem
does Wilbur like Hamilton he said like two songs from it
Mollie lol
Mollie lol Před měsícem
Yeah he loves it
April Bingham
April Bingham Před měsícem
Wilbur: "£295??" The screen: $259 Im confused how does money work
Xx wolfpackleader xX
Xx wolfpackleader xX Před měsícem
15:08 tomminit has the most galactic brain in the WORLD edit: changing timestamp
mee boi
mee boi Před měsícem
i like the part when it
Kiwiella Před měsícem
Best crewmate. Worst imposter ❤️
Shuichi_ Glitches
Shuichi_ Glitches Před měsícem
When that happened to wil I felt so sad but when tubbo and Tommy started to laugh while being killed I cracked but still felt bad...
TigerGamer11 Před měsícem
Title: The best among us play ever! The video: pity
Never play Among Us with me
Wilbur Soot is a Psychopath.