If I Find the Bathtub the Video Ends 

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Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot

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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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13. 11. 2020





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Yeetus Oofen
Yeetus Oofen Před 13 minutami
So the "bathtub" is now unblocked on that link and this must have been a church because the "bathtub" is actually a Baptistery. So if you wanted to get baptized you would do so in that "tub." Also from the outside it looks like the church had a parsonage or "the pastors house" attached to it.
Snuf the cat
Snuf the cat Před hodinou
This thing has the same floor design as the (southern Indiana) church my mom goes to and it’s tripping me out
Mythical Gaming
Mythical Gaming Před hodinou
This is a scp
Flgin Před 3 hodinami
In the title I thought it said gay instead of cry 😂😂😂
savannah rose
savannah rose Před 3 hodinami
this the most entertaining video I've seen all day no joke 😂💙
Ex0tic_ButtErs Před 5 hodinami
Zoey Thomas
Zoey Thomas Před 14 hodinami
the way they both said louisville physically pains me
Fresh Watermelon
Fresh Watermelon Před 15 hodinami
I’m from wales 😎😎
Lilghost_namedghostbur Před 16 hodinami
Benadict is just being so casual about all of this-
Lilghost_namedghostbur Před 16 hodinami
This is just...phycotic/
Sarah May
Sarah May Před 16 hodinami
This was funny, Wilbur. 👍
Simbazazu 02
Simbazazu 02 Před 18 hodinami
He got trolled by the house
Comfy Capris sun
Comfy Capris sun Před dnem
I want too just clean this entire house and put labels on doors to be honest 😃🤚✨
Loop Před dnem
This is the back rooms
Parzival P1
Parzival P1 Před dnem
Big Hous
Zoe Khonesavanh
Zoe Khonesavanh Před dnem
I’m American and even I’m confused. Maybe that’s because I’m not from Kentucky 🤔🤭
sTone ForesT
sTone ForesT Před dnem
Now i actually wish I had this house. I live where a house of this size would be like 2 million dollars. The house I live in could fit in this man’s storage room, actually it would be smaller since they has so much fucking storage. Get rid of all the trash and I could fucking make a living in this house.
Coolbrobray Před dnem
"Incase you didn't know how you got in" oh wilbur, poor wilbur didn't know what he was getting into
shreksreallover Před dnem
9:01 this cursed my depression
shreksreallover Před dnem
im so scared of this house
Killerqueen 3rdbomb
they just unblocked the bathtub room i checked it and its unblocked lol
DJ Alnuimi
DJ Alnuimi Před dnem
This is not a house this is an entire building
DJ Alnuimi
DJ Alnuimi Před dnem
1:49 why is there two toilet seats next to each other in the same bathroom
Cassie Orlando
Cassie Orlando Před dnem
When I first looked at the thumbnail I thought cry said gay and I was confused until I looked closer 😅
Thomas Scragg
Thomas Scragg Před dnem
Where is this?
Erin Pfleging
Erin Pfleging Před dnem
This house is horrifying. I’m terrified of this house
「 sunfløwer 」
nobody: that one chat: "just being in the real estate."
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
Do not became spoiled with The Hub
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
Well do NOT cilk it ANTBODY
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
Oh #### it sent a link
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
My house: A upstairs a downstaris and a kitan This house: longe library ####hub secion DVDS 5 bathrooms and I can not even remember more.
Odd Clover
Odd Clover Před dnem
This is where Wish items come from
Eri -Chan
Eri -Chan Před dnem
Buy the house, renovate it, turn it into a Minecraft Stronghold Escape Room, profit.
This is like 1% of Americans house holds ngl cause my grand aunts house is pretty dang close cause I got lost in it and found 10 hiding rooms i am not joking 😂
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis Před dnem
as a human from Louisville, Kentucky, I will help you pronounce it { lu-vl} most people mispronounce it so thought id help you.
Hope Rogers
Hope Rogers Před 2 dny
As someone who lives in Kentucky I can say yeah, this is unfortunately an accurate representation of some of the people in my town😂
All about That Bass
As an American I can say that all of our houses look like this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to mow my dog and walk the lawn
Sharayah March
Sharayah March Před 2 dny
This, was, the, first, Wilbur, video, I, saw, no regrets.
Ice Cube
Ice Cube Před 2 dny
I misred the title as "This is a gay for help"
Da Boies Adventures
not in the nook but in the cranny
mama _V
mama _V Před 2 dny
but that is a bigggggg really really really bigggggg house if u go outside you must see that house 🤣
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody Před 2 dny
That house looks scary
Carson Roussel
Carson Roussel Před 2 dny
Imagine playing hide and seek in this house
Thalia Oakenshield
Thalia Oakenshield Před 2 dny
Wilbur: *finds two toilets CSshows ad: the best place to hide a body...
The god of random
The god of random Před 2 dny
As an American I can confirm that our architecture is very confusing
In the clouds with Mary Jane
Why didI read the thumbnail as ‘this is a gay cry for help’ I think my homosexual is showing-
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger Před 3 dny
4:50 This place *is* an emergency. The exits are just if you lose your mind and need to get the f*ck out of there.
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger Před 3 dny
"Its not that complicated of a house." *turns corner* The house made itself more complicated just to prove Wilbur wrong
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger Před 3 dny
I think this house is another dimension. Its much bigger than it seems, super confusing, really weird stuff everywhere, and it seems to loop. This is just the place that stuff disappears to randomly, and where the universe sends all its mistakes.
Sxnsxt_mxxn X
Sxnsxt_mxxn X Před 3 dny
1:49 didn’t even notice the 2 toilets
Nathan Mays
Nathan Mays Před 3 dny
5:51 E
daanbanaan12 Před 3 dny
Alternative title wilbur spend 17:24 minutes for nothing
Echo Před 3 dny
alt title: Wilbur soot explores the true backrooms looking for a bath tub
Kendall Miller-Rider
bruh I'm on the site with the house and I'm finding so many rooms he didn't look in I ALSO FOUND A CAT. A CAT.
? Kito Animates ¿
? Kito Animates ¿ Před 3 dny
Danelson Před 3 dny
slimeslime Před 3 dny
Wilbur: how many people get lost in a house? Also wilbur: gets completely lost in the house
Goferboy 237
Goferboy 237 Před 3 dny
This would make for an epic game of hide and seek
sid Lizliz
sid Lizliz Před 3 dny
Izzy Elias
Izzy Elias Před 3 dny
this place low key would be an amazing place to live, like if you cleaned it up youd have so much space and like if you and bunch of friends lived there it would be so much fun, also that little nook would be so fun as like a reading nook kinda thing
Maddox Brown
Maddox Brown Před 3 dny
I'm from Kentucky and I'm dyeing he said louis Ville. You pronounce it as louievil. And your in an apartment sir.
Fast Cast
Fast Cast Před 3 dny
Was that a freaking usps place
Harrison Gabbard
Harrison Gabbard Před 3 dny
(Lou vull)is how it’s pronounced
ethanboy infinite
ethanboy infinite Před 3 dny
Shrek movies at 11:51
lappland -
lappland - Před 3 dny
it took fuking 17 minutes to find a bathtub. incredible
ethanboy infinite
ethanboy infinite Před 3 dny
Wtf is wrong with you this is my house
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul Před 3 dny
“2 different games”
polyamorous smol bean
This house is worse the ikea
polyamorous smol bean
i would buy the house, sell everything in it, then sell the house and go buy a proper house and be rich
BoredumBored Před 4 dny
Imagine visiting the owner in this house “Hey can i use the bathroom” Sure “Where is it” Left right straight left up down left right right left up left up down down right and i forgot the rest “I can hold it”
BoredumBored Před 23 hodinami
@carmello l the- the- ill go outside
carmello l
carmello l Před dnem
which bathroom?
• AleyasWolfPack •
It took 17 mins for him to find a bathtub
Mathilda Turich
Mathilda Turich Před 4 dny
the thumbnail looks like it says "this is a gay for help"
chicken wing
chicken wing Před 4 dny
just a not sus bottle of lotion next to a bed... not sus at all
Mikayla Callahan
Mikayla Callahan Před 4 dny
Wilbur: LET ME IN THE PO** ROOM 5 secs later: im not aloud in the po** room :(
Ace Brodhun-Ludke
Ace Brodhun-Ludke Před 4 dny
Hey I found it yeet
Ace Brodhun-Ludke
Ace Brodhun-Ludke Před 4 dny
At 7:10 there are three Xbox 360s why
percy the person_
percy the person_ Před 4 dny
hahaha i live in Louisville Kentucky
Anime Alien
Anime Alien Před 4 dny
The funny thing is this is the first video I ever watched of anyone on the smp and when I started watching this I started watching all of them. I can believe this is the first video I ever saw of any of them, but honestly I'm so glad this is the first one.
Victor Pikeman
Victor Pikeman Před 4 dny
I didn't know the new Tardis looked like this!
Chloe Mallinson
Chloe Mallinson Před 4 dny
halfway through this i thought this must be the HQ for hide and seek
Rosey Chan
Rosey Chan Před 4 dny
no one: the chat at the beginning: WHO THE FUCK IS THAT AND WHAT DID U DO WITH OUR BOY
Brett Před 4 dny
The house is so gross and unorganised 😦😩
Adrienne Malsberger
This is for the girls. 15:27.
shewanella Před 4 dny
unexpected wilbur asmr at 15:12 ur welcome
shewanella Před 4 dny
i remember vivid nightmares from my childhood in this exact setting... like in that exact house.
Nathan Clemons
Nathan Clemons Před 4 dny
When you realize they recycled this content from the Yogscast. 😕
Braden Wylie
Braden Wylie Před 4 dny
Reply to this if you’ve found this house on Google and tried to find the bathtub. I wanna know how many people are as insane as I am
Dinoclj2006 Před 4 dny
It's scp 3008 house edition
Kale Před 4 dny
The box stairs.
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose Před 5 dny
My cousins have a men and women bathroom in their gaming area/ basement.
Flaffel Před 5 dny
Doodles Blah
Doodles Blah Před 5 dny
FYI: Most American Houses are NOT like this.
Doodles Blah
Doodles Blah Před 7 hodinami
@global killer 1 Is that a joke? I’m seriously asking, I am not good with telling wether most things are a joke or not. Especially when it comes to personal things.
Doodles Blah
Doodles Blah Před 7 hodinami
@Chloe Concepcion What do you mean? I’m American, I live in P.A, and my house looks NOTHING like this. I would imagine most people’s houses don’t look like this, unless they’re extremely unhygienic.
Chloe Concepcion
Chloe Concepcion Před 9 hodinami
Don't lie to people
Bradley Black
Bradley Black Před 15 hodinami
My house looks almost the exact same, or well this house looks the same, ive been here for five days relying on wilbur too keep my sanity
global killer 1
global killer 1 Před 17 hodinami
I don't know what you mean my house looks like this
Avery Cloud
Avery Cloud Před 5 dny
this is a horror movie house
Ella Kenney
Ella Kenney Před 5 dny
That bathtub is kinda cool. The bath is one of the best parts of the house and you can’t see it onsonsidnisnjsbhbdhbdibxhvsjndjb
Charlie Bartram
Charlie Bartram Před 5 dny
2:29 why is there TWO TOILETS ?????????
bunn hops
bunn hops Před 5 dny
will are you ok hes going crazy
冰兒 Před 5 dny
《-Yandre-》 Před 5 dny
Ender Is_here
Ender Is_here Před 5 dny
About a third of the way through this video, my mind decided that this was the reoccuring hallway from scp, but it got a day job as storage.
Alexander Před 5 dny
Watching this made me have an anxiety attack
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