Ruining Ooblets with TommyInnit, Nihachu and Fundy 

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Ooblets is now available in early access! You can Download Ooblets from the Epic Games Store here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1xB
Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video!
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot
Edited: elodie.gif

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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28. 09. 2020





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Exøtîc Brøwňieš
Exøtîc Brøwňieš Před 14 hodinami
Tommy = a child Niki = A woman Fundy = A furry I see a problem here
Em_ McD:P
Em_ McD:P Před 18 hodinami
Wilbur played Cage The Elephants!!!
Scotty_Mack Před dnem
Wilbur knowing the song yellow gives me life
Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox Před 2 dny
12:17 ahhh the british came out on "i don't want to buy your buns" lmaooooo
Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox Před 2 dny
why are we not talking about how tommy said pogcast GENIUS
Sharkyboy2011 Před 2 dny
blinking white guy
blinking white guy Před 2 dny
“the people are stuffy and there aren’t any ooblets” why wilbur left london
Cookiecat1127 Před 2 dny
Wilbur: I brought in my friends tommyinnt aka child, ninachu aka woman and fundy aka furry Not me dying🤣😂😅😆😆😅😂🤣 XD
FluffyBunny Před 3 dny
0:13 a flower, because of flower beds
blinking white guy
blinking white guy Před 2 dny
also a river and a truck
Goopy Před 3 dny
Alternative title: A lonely idiot, a child, a woman and a furry try ooblets
XxFNaF_Fan0029 Před 3 dny
Poor Mathew
Emily Miao
Emily Miao Před 3 dny
when animal crossing and pokemon has a child:
_Karma_ Před 3 dny
Wilbur: I brought in my friends Tommy, niki and funds What shows on screen: child, woman, furry
RamenSky Před 3 dny
00:15 flower- like a flower bed.
no patience
no patience Před 4 dny
How does Tommy carry every conversation he's in
Thunfisch Před 4 dny
Sephino_Has_Name Před 4 dny
I'm liking this simply for the cage the elephant implication.
TheBandanaDee Před 4 dny
Fundy mic cuts are so perfect
Config Před 5 dny
make your ooblets do the wap its the shiny charizard of this game
Config Před 5 dny
i love his subgoal at the beginning "punch TommyInnit"
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle Před 5 dny
I am very scared. Please don't hurt me
no patience
no patience Před 5 dny
This is willbur and Tommy talk while nihachu and Fundy are also there
Sam Pattison
Sam Pattison Před 7 dny
did he meow at the end?
Tristen Patterson
Tristen Patterson Před 8 dny
....child.....woman.....furry....wilbur..... The four nations lived in harmony until the child attacked
Astrid Macolls
Astrid Macolls Před 8 dny
Wilbur : enjoy this LITTLE one-off video Me : *checks have long the video is* Also Me : this is 23 minutes long
Evan Hallways
Evan Hallways Před 8 dny
a fun thing abt the first part is Tommy was technically right. Trees have beds. The forest bed is a trees bed and they do not sleep.. they die and then get revived
Yohana Před 10 dny
Child,Woman and Furry
harana_ faye
harana_ faye Před 10 dny
imagine playing a game and losing and then you hear tommy's voice going *"you've lost. you've failed."*
SpikeSpiegel Před 11 dny
The thumbnail tho
Sejla Caja
Sejla Caja Před 11 dny
I know you and Niki are not dating but you are perfect for each other, and i think you should be sometuing more then bestfriends.
racøön Před 11 dny
i dont think wilbur got paid a lot
Wormings Před 12 dny
why is nobody talking about how the intro to the game is just your city gave me asthma
ɱεɪɪα ɱεʟʟɵωɪɴɒ
I feel like Wilbur is drunk in most of these videos, not sure why
Goblin frog is pog
Goblin frog is pog Před 11 dny
I honestly don’t think your wrong...
• Glitchcore Babies •
Me who plays ooblets on a daily basis and almost finished the beta of the game in ONE DAY : oh well u did not do that right but i like ur style
Paisley Taylor
Paisley Taylor Před 13 dny
Wilbur I brought my friends ........... Child Woman Furry
Elisa Před 13 dny
ah yes, the three genders: child, woman, and furry
Fireboy Gaming
Fireboy Gaming Před 13 dny
"My lil sheep f*ck" -Nihachu
rin :D
rin :D Před 13 dny
tenikio*da*potato Před 14 dny
is there really a pogcast and can i lisen to it?
t k
t k Před 16 dny
The thumbnail gives me life
Cats 4life
Cats 4life Před 17 dny
I love wilburs perfect depiction of tommy who = child nihachu who = woman and my favorite funny who = furry
L҇i҇l҇i҇ S҇a҇p҇p҇h҇i҇r҇e҇
All I heard and seen was “I collect little creatures and battle them” I was like why tf did he just explain Pokémon-
caroline m
caroline m Před 18 dny
this whole “you can live here if you work for me” thing sounds a lot like indentured servitude
Emma B
Emma B Před 18 dny
child, woman, furry, and ghost
Aidan Lane
Aidan Lane Před 18 dny
welcome to the gang here we got child - he scream woman - an alien furry - cancer
XenøphiåPlåyz Před 18 dny
"just don't dig anywhere under 6ft around here" Me: That's suspicious That's weird
Gaia NN
Gaia NN Před 18 dny
The amount of times i've seen this video is ungodly
itzyaboihuman Před 19 dny
I would listen to pogcast on spotify
Rqode Před 19 dny
Wilbur : i bought in my friends TommyInnit Nihachu Fundy Da vid : *child* *Woman* *Furry* Me : I mean- He aint wrong 👁️👄👁️💅
Annakii pulleine
Annakii pulleine Před 20 dny
wait which new Pokémon game sword or shield???? i have sword c:
I NeedInternet
I NeedInternet Před 20 dny
"child, woman, and furry" ah yes, the three genders/j
Madison Mills
Madison Mills Před 21 dnem
And That's Why you have ooblets following you and not friends - Fundy sep 28 2020
Calum B
Calum B Před 21 dnem
A: Child Woman Furry And Dirty Crime-Boy
Quackles Před 21 dnem
I brought in my friends Child Woman Furry
Sky Stormborn
Sky Stormborn Před 22 dny
3:35 Dance Monkey Danc
angelhaerim Před 22 dny
ah yes, the three genders child, woman and furry
Blue Universx
Blue Universx Před 22 dny
“I have a bed but I never sleep” An insomniac 👁👄👁
Afyon Před 23 dny
8:01 theres a woman who just BURSTS OUT OF THE BASEMENT IM DYING XD
Rosalie Před 23 dny
Audio: “I brought my friends tommyinnit...” Text: “I brought my friends *child* ...”
Fledhyris Proudhon
Fledhyris Proudhon Před 23 dny
Wilbur in Minecraft: starts some weird cult within 5 minutes of every game. Wilbur in Ooblets: Noooo omg this place is all cultists! Guess he doesn't like the competition....
Michelle Před 23 dny
Niki saying "My little sheep fuck" was so powerful honestly
Error _maker
Error _maker Před 23 dny
That person six feet down be like : 💀
-Dino Does Gacha-
-Dino Does Gacha- Před 23 dny
w o w two days before my birthday- thx for posting my bday gift wilbur-
Jackaler Před 23 dny
Lilitheroo Před 24 dny
Yes a very deeply sad banjo...
Miyaki Naoka
Miyaki Naoka Před 24 dny
Wilbur: "Yeah, just hold them at gunpoint, take their seed and leave" Fundy: "Yeah wouldn't that be funny??" *FUNDY NO, NOT THE OOBLETS*
arius lovegood
arius lovegood Před 25 dny
So is this like cottagecore pokemon
AR-Twinkle Reynolds
AR-Twinkle Reynolds Před 25 dny
madz Před 25 dny
alternative title: wimblur ,child,woman and furry play ooblets.
Arianna T. Malaluan
Arianna T. Malaluan Před 25 dny
wilbur toot
Xrayvilla Před 25 dny
The answer to the riddle is a river
Dogboygod Před 26 dny
My name is Matthew and even though it wasnt me I was like "HE SAID MY NAME" I felt special but also offended
Vlogs and more with AJ
Important qestion: Is it ok for me and my family to watch these together? Edit: no it isnt.
Catable Před 26 dny
‘I’ll add him back when he’s learnt his lesson’ wil ur acting slightly like his parent...... 😂
HazzaL07 Před 27 dny
answer to riddle: flower has a flower bed but doesn’t sleep
Xrayvilla Před 25 dny
Couldn't the answer also be a river?
Liliana Roberts
Liliana Roberts Před 27 dny
*will: ima get you a sheep Niki* *twitch chat* SIMP SIMP SIMPPPPPP* XD
Ori Ori
Ori Ori Před 27 dny
Child, woman, and furry
Dirt Egg
Dirt Egg Před 27 dny
Are we not gonna talk abt how British he is when he says “luv”
Valerie Ruiz
Valerie Ruiz Před 27 dny
Hi Nikki!... hi Wilbur
8 Bitz
8 Bitz Před 27 dny
Ooblets mayor: exists wimblur: *its free real estate*
Txy_Why? Před 27 dny
4:23 : Wilbur : House Me *intense flashbacks* Also me: “house house”
sneeze Před 27 dny
*My lil sheep fuck* 🥺
Matthew Parnaby
Matthew Parnaby Před 27 dny
Why do I have to be called Matthew
Lotem tabrisi
Lotem tabrisi Před 27 dny
Ah yes child, women and a furry
IshDatForReal? Před 27 dny
13:10 lmao 🤣
_Heather_ Potato_
_Heather_ Potato_ Před 27 dny
Why is no one talking about how good the last “sad banjo” was 👀
BunNotFound Před 27 dny
Fundy was just the embodiment of sass this entire video and frankly, I quite enjoyed it
Ink Před 27 dny
Wilbur: I brought in my friends Tommy Innit "child" Niachu "woman" and Fundy "furry" :)
duncan da hamster
duncan da hamster Před 27 dny
Ok I’m the only one watching this at 2am In the uk 2021 wile eating an Easter egg 😂
ooga booga
ooga booga Před 27 dny
The pure panic and confusion in Fundys voice just makes me laugh so hard
C l o u d y
C l o u d y Před 27 dny
XAriahGamingX Před 27 dny
Tommy, Niahchu, and Fundy (Their 100% real names; Child, Woman, and Furry)
Yes insomniac
Yes insomniac Před 27 dny
Look its baldbur
Dana Ross
Dana Ross Před 28 dny
Roses are red Violets are blue Tommy likes the halo theme Do you?
Amelia Bonterre
Amelia Bonterre Před 28 dny
“no money or skills” just three produced songs
Amelia Bonterre
Amelia Bonterre Před 28 dny
“women, furries and children this way”
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp Před 28 dny
Dang I wish I could afford this game it looks so fun and wholesome
thomas shore
thomas shore Před 28 dny
The Man, The Woman, The Child, and a wild furry.
Deathsnipz Před 28 dny
The thumbnail looks like morgz
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Moonlit Clouds Před 28 dny
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