Technoblade is a Maniac. (Among Us) 

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I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
@TommyInnit @Fundy @Tubbo @Ph1LzA @Dangthatsalongname @Niki Nihachu @JschlattLIVE @Technoblade @Shubble
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot
Edited: KaiRossBests
Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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3. 10. 2020





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lego yeet studios
lego yeet studios Před 5 hodinami
Hmmm tubbo :D
Airstrike5 Před 8 hodinami
techno army We should Start a revolution, get the blade to 1billion subbed.
itz_gacha V
itz_gacha V Před 12 hodinami
Do u guys know where is that princess With Orange hair I think that was Wilbur's accent
Cara Scullion
Cara Scullion Před 13 hodinami
xAnNaX Před 20 hodinami
the accent sounds like a mixture of philza and lazarbeam
OofProductions1 0
*subscribe to technoblade*
OofProductions1 0
"good job schlitt in admin" *"yeeeeeeeeeeee"*
Eiman B
Eiman B Před dnem
I think Quackity and Tommy mixed each others colours up lmao Quackity is red and Tommy is blue when Tommy's trademark thing is red and Quackity's MC skin's shirt is blue lol
Player Před 2 dny
Kitty_kangaroo17 Před 2 dny
“No no I’m making a video please don’t vote me out” “The question is Wilbur are you making a video” “Yes” Let’s get him out then Waaaiitttt It’s for the video. It’s funny
PurpleSamurai Před 2 dny
At the checkpoint to check for if subbed. I was subbed, so I liked the video
Katotoki Randomness
9:48 "You can't do anything you grown british MA--"
Big Feet Yoda
Big Feet Yoda Před 3 dny
Schlatt is the most hilarious person ever!
Big Feet Yoda
Big Feet Yoda Před 3 dny
LMFAO! Let’s all go to nav oh wait I have a short cut he vents to nav
Vasey Jay Skyla
Vasey Jay Skyla Před 3 dny
Wilbur doing an Australian accent sounded like Korg from Thor Ragnorok to me for some reason
Aiden Před 3 dny
... never make me look at my reflection.
thegroomer Před 3 dny
i found tubbo ded :( wer did u find him? D: he wus ded is reactor :< oh no :( noOoOOO Wᴀs ʜᴇ BLEEDING?
Isaac Belina
Isaac Belina Před 4 dny
WHY. 5:32
Girl With A Vlog
Girl With A Vlog Před 4 dny
This should be called “Wilbur getting killed compilation”
Wolfzartz Před 4 dny
1:01 thank me later
Yellow Banana Playz
His voice sounds like Josh (Slogoman)
Deloptin Před 4 dny
You see, there's no light in my room to reflect off my screen so i can't see myself haha
Bunnies 2D
Bunnies 2D Před 5 dny
Wilbur as an Australian U keep missing the perfect times to say mate.....MATE YOU NEED TO SAY IT EVERYTIME U DO THE AUSSIE ACCENT AND YOU DON'T SAY MATE I CRINGE
Con Mallios
Con Mallios Před 5 dny
,no aussie You bitish
Sxnny Před 5 dny
I know this is months later but on the actual stream, the chat was horrific the mods had to turn it sub only mode because some of tubbos fans got mad because wilbur chose yellow, I know it's petty but they did that :/ Like for real it's legit a color I-...
Anne-Sophie Gagnon
Anne-Sophie Gagnon Před 5 dny
techno: I tHinK ThAT i Saw A bLuE Guy
William Shockley
William Shockley Před 5 dny
i eat food
i eat food Před 5 dny
Nobody: 2nd graders: when a kid falls off the curb and gets a black eye: 1:10
Flarrow Fan
Flarrow Fan Před 6 dny
7:51 they where also synced in voting omg! Xdd
ghost in your room
ghost in your room Před 6 dny
Flashtracted Před 7 dny
4:15-4:22: technoblade I wanna see a day in the life. I wanna see a day in the life. You stand by this cabinet. You stand here. *gets shot* YOU FUCKING KILL ME WITH A PISTOL
Mars Exists
Mars Exists Před 8 dny
“He was on the scanner and I wanted to go” THIS MAN!!😂
EmyThePotterHead Před 9 dny
i love how quackity said WaS hE bLeEdInG?!
Erin Calvert
Erin Calvert Před 9 dny
i mean... schlatt couldnt have been the impostor
Tony Jacobs
Tony Jacobs Před 9 dny
'and beep' '*POGGAS*'
JustAHoomanThatHasA PUPPY
"Then he stands there and (muffin) KILLS ME WITH A PISTOL"
anime fan 707
anime fan 707 Před 10 dny
I'm watching this too stop having a mental breakdown haha
brilinissaarts Před 11 dny
Ph1l: [kill Wilbur] DSMP fans:
Tunabreath Před 12 dny
10:36 OMG this is a Sam and Max reference
Dalaya Sofia
Dalaya Sofia Před 12 dny
imagine this: u play among us, u are the impostor, but when u try to kill someone u shoot yourself whit the gun bc a random noob was behind u and he saw everything.
Unique_Squad_UwU Před 13 dny
Subscribe to Technoblade
Unique_Squad_UwU Před 13 dny
The furry has glitched
Alania Před 13 dny
When I hear fundy I think “~jÂcK mÄniFoŁd~
• Lavender_ Rose •
"Hey guys Among Us boy 69 here" Idk why this made me giggle
rainmakerr Před 13 dny
Ooffles Document
Ooffles Document Před 14 dny
HoW do yOU do CaRdswEeP? I always fail and die there 💀
Frobbler Před 15 dny
hey i have a matt monitor so you were talkin to NOBODY! HA HA HA!
*Moonlight Whispers*
we are going in electrical I lied to you
krzysztof pudalik
krzysztof pudalik Před 15 dny
WaS hE bLeEdInG
DragonMaster485 Před 15 dny
I don't appreciate that black screen at the beginning Wilbur cause i had to see my reflection stuffing my fat maw full of keeler fudge stripes.
DDE Darly •Gacha•
Ooft same T*T
Drae Heehee
Drae Heehee Před 16 dny
Yeah wtf you don’t get in the way of scanning
Madiezon Před 16 dny
All I see is memes
it's da one, da only da good boy!
r ya britsh?
Gacha Lex
Gacha Lex Před 17 dny
6:59 “Look at me and shld” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
AIH Hazim
AIH Hazim Před 17 dny
Wilbur:I found Tubbo dead Niki:Where did you find him? Wilbur:He was dead in Reactor Niki:OOoOo NoOOoO 1:02
Avar Nyx
Avar Nyx Před 17 dny
the inhale in the intro sounded like night vision being activated hhhhhhaaaaaa
Just[a] Ash
Just[a] Ash Před 18 dny
David: What do you mean? Furry: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!
fruity._fidgets._ Před 18 dny
00:01 why shlatt sound wierd tho?
fruity._fidgets._ Před 18 dny
Oops ment 00:00
Artzi Před 18 dny
You go stand here YOU F ING KILL ME
Artzi Před 18 dny
waS hE bleEdiNg?!
Artzi Před 18 dny
F sleep who needs it? (12:40 a.m. rn)
Lexi White
Lexi White Před 18 dny
0:19 I’m in a dark room-
Reese Frank
Reese Frank Před 19 dny
Literally just a compilation of Wilbur dying lolz
Chuck's Stuff
Chuck's Stuff Před 19 dny
Wait i just relised is he Australian
Leo Skelton
Leo Skelton Před 20 dny
Bμnny Před 20 dny
Louise Watson
Louise Watson Před 21 dnem
you child
Endor Před 22 dny
What is the scientific name for a pig?
Celia Mary
Celia Mary Před 21 dnem
•KilVee• Před 22 dny
Ad: *Hello the-* Me:*skips ad* Video: *B__ch*
Arnesh Chatterjee
Arnesh Chatterjee Před 23 dny
Wilbur: Oh no oxygen depleted in... Techno: *Cyka Blyat*
Ramen Animations
Ramen Animations Před 25 dny
11:22 GUN NOW DADDY'S GOT A- (fans of the smp would get it)
TOASTER Před 25 dny
The flavorfulness of techno and schlatt add crisp, spicy, mental existings in the empty shell of the bone sphere that is the encasing of my brain
-Vigi’s channel-
-Vigi’s channel- Před 25 dny
Awesomeferret10 Před 25 dny
I’m sorry but like I’ve watched Tommy’s among us vods, and just like whenever he’s following Wilbur around he’s talking about how much he trusts him and sleepy bois and this and that, and it’s just funny to see that when Tommy is following him Wilbur is narrating in a similar way.
chiaki nanami
chiaki nanami Před 26 dny
I love all of your song's 🍄👾
Golden Ez
Golden Ez Před 26 dny
5:18 *"child"* 10:58 I love his laugh so much 🥺 11:23 **flashbacks to Wilbur's "canon" death in the Dream SMP War**
A.H Před 26 dny
Wilbur: Fundy or quackity then... Fundy: NONONONOONONO thats literally the most sus thing why woulf u so that
Mr. Memer
Mr. Memer Před 26 dny
DemoSlayer B.
DemoSlayer B. Před 26 dny
1:47 it's in the name
RAEGAN HIMM Před 27 dny
Wilber's accent is so funny :DDDDDDDD
xX Jessica Xx
xX Jessica Xx Před 27 dny
'we gotta vote Fundy out it's funny' *poor Fundy*
Octo Wuss
Octo Wuss Před 27 dny
4:21 so I know where the funny is
Tzer Před 27 dny
there were many games out before among us that had the same premise why is this popular
mnmastro1 Před 28 dny
Wilbur: "everyone give a big happy welcome to blue dank he's joining us in th-" Everyone else: "HIHEYHIEHLLOEHIEYELHEYEHYIIHELLO"
Faith Beveridge-White
When Jslatt could have gotten away from the murder so easily this is what he does Jslatt:yah, I definitely killed him
Wessel Verweij
Wessel Verweij Před 29 dny
Fundys f**king racist, and i love it
godmyhaxe8 Před 29 dny
MOM TOOK AWAY MY PS4! so i punched a hole through my bedroom wall.
CryingTearsOf Death
CryingTearsOf Death Před měsícem
I dont know why, but I knew Technoblade was gonna say "Subscribe to Technoblade" Its just what he does.
law go brr
law go brr Před měsícem
the first round has me cackling PLEASE Jslhatt i swear
Moses Parico
Moses Parico Před měsícem
Whos Smajor?
Celia Mary
Celia Mary Před 21 dnem
The prick
The prick Před měsícem
i searched up fundy and the second thing that popped up was "Is fundy an alcoholic"
Lars Van cool
Lars Van cool Před měsícem
He sed the skuld
hazard Před měsícem
Rogan Midsummer
Rogan Midsummer Před měsícem
ah yes, jschlitt
Michelle Crabill
Michelle Crabill Před měsícem
The vid ens when he gets imp
Sandra Ziętkowska
Sandra Ziętkowska Před měsícem
Is Schlatt drunk while recording this??? WHEEZEEEE 4:19 I love that part are you ALL drunk??? XDDDD 13:30 *How to give Wilbur heart attack*
mini swag
mini swag Před měsícem
9:45 Tommy moment
Haruto Motokawa-Lee
Haruto Motokawa-Lee Před měsícem
HEY GuyS JusT DoInG OXygEn kid named oxygen: huh?
9801 14
9801 14 Před měsícem
Dude the unsubscribe glitch actually happened to me lol
Salem Tsidkenu Sembrano
Salem Tsidkenu Sembrano Před měsícem
I love how wilbur is using lazarbeams accent XD
Never play Among Us with me
We Win These.
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I met technoblade...
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