Terraforming the Moon in Minecraft 

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Please don't break my moon base. Please I beg you. I made this moon base with my bare hands (and 100 others)
@Technoblade @Ph1LzA @TommyInnit
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot
Thumbnail: scivious_
Edited: KaiRossBests
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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6. 11. 2020





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Dragon the slayer
Dragon the slayer Před hodinou
Mellanie Monroe
Mellanie Monroe Před 2 hodinami
jacob pollok
jacob pollok Před 2 hodinami
1:28 I think As well
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia Před 7 hodinami
Dream team who This the best squad in the beginning of the video
cute Gamer_ girl yt
cute Gamer_ girl yt Před 8 hodinami
I laughed when technoblade hit a with some thing inched
ミウB33z Před 12 hodinami
Tommy just giving poggings stuff is :D
tasha Mcmillan
tasha Mcmillan Před 13 hodinami
As soon as I tap on the video I'm laughing my button of lol😂😂
Maddio Před 14 hodinami
Fun fact, tennisfreak9596 has changed his name to roastedchips
pumpking 1
pumpking 1 Před 16 hodinami
Wow i wasnt subscribed thx for reminding me
make peace liwanag
make peace liwanag Před 17 hodinami
well kokichi found WATER
Audrey Geddes
Audrey Geddes Před 18 hodinami
What happened to gostbur
Dominic DiLuciano
Dominic DiLuciano Před 23 hodinami
0:00 Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss
Gravity Lovegood
Gravity Lovegood Před dnem
"Bur bur bur bur bur bur bur bur ba baaaaaaaaaa ba ban ba ban"
Bentley Yanez
Bentley Yanez Před dnem
Bro Kokichi is in a Wilbur spot video
Broken_Xeno _Unknown
What’s that song in the beginning anyways
no no
no no Před dnem
Random person I do not wish for food I wish for simple piece techno blade send them to the shadow realm he come techno blade send them back
Uhm Hello?
Uhm Hello? Před dnem
*wilby i am subscribed since day 1 😌*
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
Wilbur: Techno Spare him Techno: What does spare mean?
Reed Snyder
Reed Snyder Před dnem
At 4:53 I agree with Technoblade
Keir ******
Keir ****** Před dnem
techno referencing leafy makes me realise that most people don't know who he is now i am fairly sure
Niyawu_. Arts
Niyawu_. Arts Před dnem
Look at Phil on the thumbnail! he has something like a home made medal that says “Chad” on, the Sleepykids love Dadza :)
Alan Před dnem
13:46 is the best part in my opinion
H e
H e Před dnem
They're literally mythology gods in this video change my mind
Jan Trevor V. Dones
Poggingz:just killed a woman by Tommy's order,feelin' good
Esa K.
Esa K. Před dnem
Hystrey M.MASTER
Hystrey M.MASTER Před dnem
"you gonna have to Marry ya mother" "yes"
WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio
Hey Wilbur when I touched the Sub button it turned Grey
Yaana Shakya
Yaana Shakya Před dnem
The thumbnail looks so cute tho
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez Před dnem
The dramatic tooth acutely use because parsnip postsynaptically trace to a ruddy text. unsightly, tightfisted description
Swirlzee Před dnem
Kokichi ouma is always in wilburs things lol
24System Před dnem
Chaos? 👎Nah. Chads? 🤌Thats more like it
A very unqualified medic
( 11:38 ) Reminds me of L'manburg (Or Manburg whichever you perfer to call it)
Fatima Dela Rosa
Fatima Dela Rosa Před dnem
What’s up with Wilber exploding places
* MorganGacha505 *
* MorganGacha505 * Před 2 dny
When Wilbur said oh sh*t they found water I started screaming cause the person had a KOKICHI OUMA SKIN
Luky487 Před 2 dny
13:53 harder stepdaddy
sam Natale
sam Natale Před 2 dny
its bilbo poggins
kemmli Před 2 dny
Philza Minecraft and nepotism... hmmmmm
Gwen Forhan
Gwen Forhan Před 2 dny
Micheal Shriane
Micheal Shriane Před 2 dny
Welcome mooners XD
Ramani Healy
Ramani Healy Před 2 dny
Big fan
Morag Jackson-Bougrine
when he said "life finds a way" i got deja vu and when i realized what it was i got Jurrasic Park nostalgia
*Foxes Can Animate*
If we lived in a Minecraft world would it be easier to live or harder? Ah screw it Minecraft makes everything better even if your fam was killed my Thanos (Forget about them you got Minecraft! JK lol)
Scrappy The Mechanic
In a older version you could’ve done it on an realistic moon with galacticraft. But it would’ve been a lot more challenging because you would need to worry about oxygen
Izuru Kamakura
Izuru Kamakura Před 2 dny
7:16 since when does Kokichi play minecraft ESDRFTGYHU
H Soper
H Soper Před 2 dny
9:30 Wilbur: look at this dude The 'dude': has a skin with a non binary flag. I'm guessing wilbur didnt know the flag or just didnt notice.
-Sukiyaki- Před 2 dny
I like how the chat sees the Kokichi guy and just spams it and then it’s just “ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM “
Strawberry Panta
Strawberry Panta Před 2 dny
"Kokichi was squashed too much" BAHAHHAHAHA I CANT RN
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Před 2 dny
The person who got water, their skin was kokichi
Phillipa-Schuyler Campbell
15:40 Philza and Wilbur: have a very interesting conversation. Techoblade on the background:
Deimantas Gaming
Deimantas Gaming Před 2 dny
I love the start
Gideon Lyons
Gideon Lyons Před 2 dny
“FT Sleepy boi’z
Nimbus Před 2 dny
15:18 That was a squeaky wheeze- o. o
Why did you put a tree in the moon.. Just find mr.beast to take care of that hahahaha
Kira _ Shōyō
Kira _ Shōyō Před 2 dny
Seeing Kokichi made my day
Viridxuzly Před 3 dny
Food Problem Solution : P E A C E F U L
The Dumb Piggy
The Dumb Piggy Před 3 dny
All 4 of them are like related Philza the oldest techno and Wilbur the middle people and Tommy the youngets
PhoenixGaming101 Před 3 dny
feeling cute 1:25
sid Před 3 dny
i do not have a manburg skin 🤮 i have a L'manburg skin l'manburgs better
L P Před 3 dny
I came up with a name for all of the guys who worked on this. We had the dream team. Now we have the Moon Buffoons.
Mattias Lapolla
Mattias Lapolla Před 3 dny
Amirah Před 3 dny
Wilbur: I dont- I don't do lyrics Also Wilbur: Your new boyfriend I'm in love with an e-girl Saline solution Jubilee line Internet ruined me Ect
Tommyinnit is a pog champ
When you made tommy stand next to the sign i took a screen shot i am going to *maybe* make it my backroind or my image on here
DIAS 42 Před 3 dny
Techno whole video: YEET
Lightning King -o-
Lightning King -o- Před 3 dny
Theory: Dream went into prison to escape the egg.
Rektide Před 3 hodinami
fair theory, but why comment this on a 6 month old video
PokePuppy Před 3 dny
Lies it takes three seconds
Jan Pirs
Jan Pirs Před 3 dny
wilbur:*goes undergrund and finds alot of water* also wilbur:HOW DID THEY GET WATER!?!?!?!?!?
the intro of this vid is so good
Strawberry 69
Strawberry 69 Před 3 dny
11:39 L’manbuerg be like
Du other 1
Du other 1 Před 3 dny
Technoblde was just over there like BAh bAh baH BaH Bah bAH bAh bAh Bah bAH Bah bah BAH
Mell Does Things
Mell Does Things Před 3 dny
wilbur: i'm going to look at the result from the top and i don't want to be able to tell which one is moon and which one is earth also wilbur: *destroys almost everything they create with TNT*
Mitch Games
Mitch Games Před 3 dny
“How did you get water!?!” Kokichi finds a way
Suck- 4 -Life
Suck- 4 -Life Před 3 dny
@holybananapeel it’s not true
noice Před 3 dny
The first bit made me sick
Kai _
Kai _ Před 3 dny
"Hey guys, notice how as soon as TommyInnit left, the world went to shit. That should teach you something." R.I.P.
nova Před 3 dny
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol Před 3 dny
"he doesn't own knives." Only when there's no orphans
sunnyskies roblox
sunnyskies roblox Před 4 dny
tommy: Americans believe anything they hear me being an American: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TOMMY NOT TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE
iamjentirenba lol
iamjentirenba lol Před 13 hodinami
NANI?! Před 4 dny
“And in that gown he doesn’t own knives” *sounds more like a question Tommy*
Josixrxn Před 4 dny
Phila: quite old, married to a women Techno: has a Golden crown, wears a gown, doesn't own knives Wilbur: is a musician, sings about women Tommy: is massive, massive
Emily Whitaker
Emily Whitaker Před 4 dny
this is my favorite group of people, many laughs
Ell Bell
Ell Bell Před 4 dny
why was i expecting the comments just just be " *mmmmmmmm* "
Cokeinnit :]
Cokeinnit :] Před 4 dny
14:20 TECHNO
Todoroki Wife
Todoroki Wife Před 4 dny
I no joke screamed cause CSshows unsubbed me
Jankus / Ultimate Normie
A Randomgmail
A Randomgmail Před 4 dny
Let’s just be real we came here just to listen to this rap made by them
xXSnow BerryXx
xXSnow BerryXx Před 4 dny
8:00 i'm a huge mythology nerd, so i'll answer this question. When most people think of moon deities, they think of goddesses. They think of Diana and Luna, Selene and Artemis, Hekate. The list goes on. However, in this they said God, not goddess. I know there are multiple pantheons with a moon god, but the only one that comes to mind is the Norse god Mani
Mineroksi Před 4 dny
7:21 wilbur, even if he would tell you, it would be a lie bc its...KOKICHI OMA THE ULTIMATE SUPREME LEADER
Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers Před 4 dny
if you ask for stuff on one of wilburs videos you obviously dont watch wilburs videos
Jake Govan
Jake Govan Před 4 dny
The 1.8k dislikes are from 7 year olds who aren’t allowed to hear swears
Dimond Dragon
Dimond Dragon Před 4 dny
Me in the first 30 seconds what did I click on
Gnibster •
Gnibster • Před 4 dny
10:56 theyre looking at the moon from the moon, nice
inotMizuki Před 4 dny
PHILZA:Just chillin with the boys
KittyKube Před 4 dny
Poggins has a question to *axe* that woman
Paul nathan Meneses
I did not skip a ads for once
Imogen Breakwell
Imogen Breakwell Před 4 dny
0:47 Wilbur this is the first time I’ve seen you not say 99.99% percent ARE subscribed
hi Před 4 dny
13:49 there was so much power in that head turn i felt it
Dread Zone
Dread Zone Před 4 dny
Wilburs motto "Life finds a way" Also torture
Jay_King123 Před 4 dny
hi kokichi from Daganrompa v3
catboy jisung
catboy jisung Před 4 dny
highkey feel bad to all the players in this lmao
mojib Před 4 dny
Alt title: minecraft but youtubers have op (and its on the moon)
corbyn craft
corbyn craft Před 4 dny
11:38 "its was never meant to be."
Minecraft 100 Player Bird Cage
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