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I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
@TommyInnit @Fundy @Tubbo @Ph1LzA @Dangthatsalongname @Niki Nihachu
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me: WilburSoot
Edited: KaiRossBests
Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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14. 09. 2020





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janey b
janey b Před 2 hodinami
tubbo is so cool omg
Sleepyzz Před 3 hodinami
I don’t have a cat she died😭🥺 but I’m subbed
Jemima Geary
Jemima Geary Před 5 hodinami
Wilbur: im gonna steal your cat Me: HA my cat died nice try
Chubb Zila
Chubb Zila Před 10 hodinami
Wilbur says i will steel your car Me jokes on u i dont have a car
Robin Vletter
Robin Vletter Před 10 hodinami
Dont steal my cat i supsribet
Brianna Ernst
Brianna Ernst Před 20 hodinami
I'm subscribed but you can steal my cat if you want, I'm mad at her right now
The_lost_nation Před 22 hodinami
you are a detective
Wilbur: Sometimes CSshows glitches out and will unsubscribe you Me: HA, CSshows subs me to random people I’ve never met
Makenna Hanson
Makenna Hanson Před dnem
so thats why my cat went missing please return him alive and well i miss him
Galaxy X
Galaxy X Před dnem
Grec Hath
Grec Hath Před 2 dny
Gremlim child. 😂
Brody Renz
Brody Renz Před 2 dny
Who’s Wilbur. While he’s playing among us his name is killbur soot
LeoXenKat Februar
LeoXenKat Februar Před 2 dny
It's always Fundy, even if it's not him
Johanna Ailey Diquit
if your gonna steal my cat even tho I don't have one????
AlistairJohn Graham
Can we get dream to jion u and tell dream we all want more music from dream
AlistairJohn Graham
Wiblu Wilbur wilbur wilbur wilbur wilbur
AlistairJohn Graham
Philza philza philza philza philza philza
ORoyalDonutO Před 2 dny
jokes on you... i have no cat.
hazard Před 2 dny
tubbo being smart let's go?
RufflePops Před 3 dny
8:22 medbay looking kinda sus
Dimitri Nizamov
Dimitri Nizamov Před 3 dny
i dont have a cat
Skyla Youtube
Skyla Youtube Před 3 dny
Sumit scam, prime shielding ,empty trash and astriodes are all visible tasks to show your innocence.
Crystal kitty Stars
0:33 I’m gonna steal your cat
Angelina Saulque
Angelina Saulque Před 3 dny
Wait what steal my cat witch one I have 5 thanks to my step mom she loves cats for some odd reason
Your Typical Youtube Channel
Wilbur is literally the best at among us
Littlefuriosblade Drifty
Sub goal 5,000 and I quote “punch Tommyinnet”
hannah Kitten
hannah Kitten Před 3 dny
You aren't touching my cat ill give you the goods ( subscribes and likes vid)
Thunfisch Před 4 dny
dariacy Před 4 dny
Irecka Buela
Irecka Buela Před 4 dny
Wilbur:*i'm gonna steal your cat* Me:*haha good luck my cat is scary cause he is full of wounds then when you touch him he will scratch you or bite you soo~ good luck😊*
Kaelyn Paarman
Kaelyn Paarman Před 4 dny
Lol when he said he was gonna steal my cat my cat looked at me like she was bout to kill me 😳 Help
LCKittyQueen Před 5 dny
fundy has a gorgeous accent omh
Shreks dogG
Shreks dogG Před 5 dny
imogen willes
imogen willes Před 5 dny
wilbur: and also, if you wherent subscribed in the first place... *laughs* wilbur, with the most serious face right after: _im gonna steal your cat._ me, who is subbed already: meh i would care if he did even though i am subbed. i dont even know whos cat it would be since i dont have one XD
Kathleen ROWLEY
Kathleen ROWLEY Před 6 dny
Wilbur: I’m going to steel ur cat Me: my cats dead but I have a dog.
Niamh Chapman
Niamh Chapman Před 6 dny
I don't have a cat
houwlingwoolf Před 6 dny
Up Down Left Right
The Hooded Sock
The Hooded Sock Před 6 dny
Where's my cat..?
Shrine Ops
Shrine Ops Před 7 dny
F*ck the gremlin child! XD
Luna Eclipse
Luna Eclipse Před 7 dny
Is it just me or the all round David’s name was Bavis
banana LASTNAME Před 7 dny
"Wilbur Soot fangirling over Tubbo for 16 minutes and 46 seconds"
Evelyn Yang
Evelyn Yang Před 7 dny
bro i don’t have a cat BUT u can steal my lil bro if u want just a warning in advance he’s kinda like tommy
Floral_Tea02 Před 8 dny
Wilbur: imma steal your cat Me: jokes on u, i dont have a cat 😎
HenryAllan Mercado
HenryAllan Mercado Před 8 dny
Kavitha Hawaldar
Kavitha Hawaldar Před 8 dny
I don't have a cat... You do
keith burton
keith burton Před 8 dny
if felt like it wads a lie the begginning it actuaolly unsubbed me
Littledude74 Před 8 dny
Wilbur: ill steal you're cat Me:i have dog
waaat Před 8 dny
lollllllll 13:50 XDXDXD
Kate Davies
Kate Davies Před 8 dny
Jokes on you, I dont have a cat 😏
Baxter Blades
Baxter Blades Před 9 dny
Stanisław Orkan-Łęcki
i live in poland and you in England so.... you can't steal my cat :)
Pp Před 9 dny
tubbo big brain tubbo pog
Shannon Casper
Shannon Casper Před 10 dny
Haha I don’t have a cat
reverse _flame
reverse _flame Před 10 dny
I was literally sitting next to my cat as he said He will still ur cat then she ran away 😂😂😂😂
Did you guys also notice the vent open at 8:22?
Rayandool Před 11 dny
I love cats but idont have a cat
Yoshi_Andrew Lo
Yoshi_Andrew Lo Před 11 dny
i dot have a cat
Croxxy Před 12 dny
Fundy: kill’s tubbo Also Fundy: there was this weird celling light that fell right on tubbo and chrushed him😂🤣
Haylee Xiong
Haylee Xiong Před 12 dny
What cat
Müśhrõõm Ęłf SaveDaWolf
Om moni podme hun 🙏
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey Před 13 dny
Ph1LbUr Wilza
Syndrome Před 13 dny
Tommy fake o2 sab bruh
korvar Před 14 dny
White Clover
White Clover Před 14 dny
Rocky Hoggart
Rocky Hoggart Před 14 dny
Rocky Hoggart
Rocky Hoggart Před 14 dny
F*cking furry man
Sophie Stewart
Sophie Stewart Před 14 dny
wilbur: i’m going to steal your cat me: *unsubscribes* she doesn’t stop meowing and sounds like a fucking car alarm 😁
William Coker
William Coker Před 14 dny
Wilbur:If you don’t sub I will steel your cat Me:I don’t have a cat
Zoomerang aethstetics
Orange and black had to both vote green it looked so wrong
gamer zomg
gamer zomg Před 14 dny
I dont have a cat bit im subbed
lily thomson
lily thomson Před 15 dny
I don’t like tommy not at all
mmm mmm
mmm mmm Před 14 dny
KallmeKaiser Před 16 dny
Wilbur: Imma steal yor cat People without cat:
Mix Dknew
Mix Dknew Před 16 dny
I will subscribe please i love my cats
Tunabreath Před 17 dny
0:35 NOT MY *_CAT_*
Summer Sun Queen
Summer Sun Queen Před 17 dny
Wilbur: If you don't sub im gonna steel your cat. Me: My cat is allready stolen by my neighbor.
Anugraha Alex
Anugraha Alex Před 17 dny
Me: Waiting for the video loads. *few seconds later* Wilbur: GUYS!! Me: *DIES*
Thomas Lemke
Thomas Lemke Před 17 dny
Wilbur said "I'm gonna steal your cat" so I looked behind me at my cat who was sitting there, but she was gone. I'm scared
Hackstr Před 18 dny
Was this recorded on unregistered hypercam 2
Sami Waiter
Sami Waiter Před 18 dny
Question question how do you still my cat if i dont have one
Artzi Před 18 dny
Gremlin Child
Lauren W
Lauren W Před 19 dny
Wilbur: name someone who doesn't like cafeteria me: I don't because I always die in there.
Sarah Crain
Sarah Crain Před 20 dny
How does tubbo not get excited that he basically figured it out before everyone else
Joshie L
Joshie L Před 20 dny
no not my cat
Roei Yaron
Roei Yaron Před 20 dny
When he said he would steal my cat: SUB SUB SUB SUB SUB
Alitteralnoob *
Alitteralnoob * Před 20 dny
If Wilbur likes the video my day will be made ... Read more
Cyber Canadian
Cyber Canadian Před 20 dny
I checked im subscribed
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Před 21 dnem
3.99 subs!
Iris King
Iris King Před 21 dnem
Wilbur explaining how much he hates Tommyinit. Me: I know above your head it literally says PUNCH TOMMYINIT
Willow Hawley
Willow Hawley Před 21 dnem
You make me so happy, I was having a pretty crappy day , looked at your videos and laughed for an hour of giggled a lot and enjoyed the rest of the day, you can make anybody happy I swear
kitkat 1212
kitkat 1212 Před 21 dnem
Yet more proof that being dyslexic doesn't affect IQ.
L O L Před 22 dny
bro did you not get the message to *run* when Tommy faked o2 when o2 wasn't even off lmao
Jamal Alimam
Jamal Alimam Před 22 dny
Wilbur do be simpin for tubbo
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis Před 23 dny
You poor thing wilbur lmao
Gèda Anna Gábor
Gèda Anna Gábor Před 23 dny
Wilbur dear. If you steal my cat you will bring him back crying. Trust me, you don't want it.
DrewPalay Před 25 dny
Jokes on you I don't have a cat. Wait, i had one didn't I?
Arielle Flamingo
Arielle Flamingo Před 25 dny
If tubbo hasn’t died or figured out who the imposter is by round two he is the imposter
Emily Louise
Emily Louise Před 26 dny
I would trust Tubbo with my lifeee
Jerica Locke
Jerica Locke Před 26 dny
Tubbo plays Wilbur: What a coy lad Tommy joins Wilbur: Imma need meditation after this
Eclipse the mystic wolf
Wilbu sut
Isabel Cunha
Isabel Cunha Před 26 dny
I subscribed dont u FUCKING STEAL MY CAT
Never play Among Us with me
I am the Worst Imposter
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