We Held a Debate Night on the Dream SMP... 

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I'm never satisfied.
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The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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19. 09. 2020





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Totally Not A Russian Spy
Totally Not A Russian Spy Před 2 hodinami
sapnap standing there sweating when Wilbur said anyone who kills pets should be put in jail
Mr. Muffin
Mr. Muffin Před 13 hodinami
Khirtz Sevelleno
Khirtz Sevelleno Před 20 hodinami
The fact that this I just found out this was roleplay made me surprised, I literally thought they were real with it
Big man Drem
Big man Drem Před 3 dny
Does anyone know where I can get a costume like that suit-
Daniella Akinsiku
Daniella Akinsiku Před 3 dny
Tall Mango
Tall Mango Před 3 dny
“So you tried to bribe someone..” “I didn’t try, I actually did”
[ Xx g a c h a x w o l f i e xX ]
I keep forgetting that this is just a minecraft video lol
Jen Degnan
Jen Degnan Před 4 dny
Ishbel Every
Ishbel Every Před 5 dny
George: i didnt want to say it but that seems a little racist also george: *helps dream and sapnap to try and kill a group of purely Europeans*
Charles Před 5 dny
Rachel Alise
Rachel Alise Před 5 dny
the hamilton references are *non-stop*
lmao _
lmao _ Před 6 dny
Tommy: We have one thing that will be better than all of them- Tubbo: OUR FRIENDSHIP!-- Tommy: Vikkstar.
pogflyboi Před 6 dny
pog 2020
Tusi Ioane
Tusi Ioane Před 6 dny
oof....reminds me of cabinet battles 1&2 from alexander hamilton. People in the back be going *OOOOH* *HE DIDNT, HE DID* and the debaters be swearing/dissing each other
Jajawil Hall
Jajawil Hall Před 7 dny
Punch tommyinnit
IPlayGames Před 7 dny
Swag train
Mikki Mae
Mikki Mae Před 7 dny
10:45 ur welcome
Ami Před 8 dny
LightningAddax Před 8 dny
Juliet Greene
Juliet Greene Před 9 dny
11:52 Assassination attempt on Wilbur, George broke the glass under him
James eastwood
James eastwood Před 9 dny
POG 202O
JediGemini04 Před 11 dny
George: "All you care about is war" ...didn't dream write the declaration of war and attack l'manberg?
Little Grifflett
Little Grifflett Před 11 dny
This is hamilton
marysia_ klara
marysia_ klara Před 11 dny
*if it pleases the court I’d like to say that my opponent is TALKING SHIIIITTT*
C.J animates
C.J animates Před 11 dny
I love the dream smp
huy chansocheata
huy chansocheata Před 11 dny
karl at 23:34 i-
D. B.
D. B. Před 11 dny
if anyone wants to find his famous "My opponent is talking shiiiiit" quote its at 10:45
D. B.
D. B. Před 11 dny
@seulgi Np:)
seulgi Před 11 dny
Judgmental Animal
Judgmental Animal Před 12 dny
“Look, I’m wearing a funny coat. It’s not serious chat” Best thing I’ve heard all day
Madison King
Madison King Před 12 dny
Karl,"Dream is so handsome I'm not even listening to Tommy rn"
Madison King
Madison King Před 12 dny
Fundy,"I deliver ice cream and cookies"
Ramunade Před 12 dny
If it please the court my opponent is talking *_shittt_*
Madison King
Madison King Před 12 dny
I love how you get to watch the court house slowly change Like the chairs got moved and the roof got built
Leigha Jessee
Leigha Jessee Před 13 dny
when quackity is literally in school to be a lawyer
Seren Cole
Seren Cole Před 13 dny
'my names been through enough' You can tell that this man has watched Hamilton
ActiVeX Před 13 dny
10:46 "My opponent is talking sHiiiT-"
Crystal Cat 100
Crystal Cat 100 Před 13 dny
Ok but why is Tubbo Herobrine?
Holt ??
Holt ?? Před 14 dny
yee Před 14 dny
the hamilton energy this emits is incredible
Vamp Před 14 dny
ItsNoahPlays Před 15 dny
I can’t buy a youtooz bc my mother and father won’t let me
Creationator Před 16 dny
That “I will, Wilbur” at the end was so...Idk but I loved it.
Lucia Campillo
Lucia Campillo Před 16 dny
Did anyone else cringe when he started seriously quoting Hamilton?
•Scotch's• Před 16 dny
10:40 If it appeases the court I'd like to say that my opponent it t a l k i n g s h i t
ChangedMyNameCheckk Před 17 dny
I CAME HERE FOR THE “if it pleases the court I would like to say my opponent is talking SHIIT.”
Nathan King
Nathan King Před 17 dny
I sing in my sleep
I sing in my sleep Před 18 dny
Not me recognizing all the Hamilton references lol
uwukaela Před 18 dny
take a shot for every hamilton reference
Dragon Garlo
Dragon Garlo Před 18 dny
Elizabeth Bowie
Elizabeth Bowie Před 18 dny
This was almost a bigger dumpster fire than the 2020 presidential debate.
Bernie Před 19 dny
13:50 No one: Tubbo: HEROBRINE
Mariah Wondra
Mariah Wondra Před 19 dny
17:01 wtf gogy
Mariah Wondra
Mariah Wondra Před 19 dny
10:45 my opponent is talking shit
Julia Borges
Julia Borges Před 21 dnem
10:45 and 11:41 are hilarious
T a k e - C h a n
T a k e - C h a n Před 21 dnem
This is just Hamilton with more arson
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews Před 22 dny
sanctificate Před 21 dnem
19:35 HAMILTON Sir? Meet me inside *meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him, meet him inside*
Pain Před 25 dny
I feel like I just watched the US debate again...
marley Před 25 dny
anyone else see tubbo turn into herobrine
personthatsjusthere Před 25 dny
Ah yes, it all went downhill from here
sbeve Před 27 dny
10:45 literally the best wilbur soot clip
Theo Frankel
Theo Frankel Před 27 dny
8:54 this is literally 1984
Jordan Faschingbauer
22:00 “Any Truers”
Ollie Před 28 dny
a white british man talking about oppression to a mexican man will forever be funny to me
「S I M P・V I B E S」
Karl is such a simp-
“I take neither, I’ll run my own presidency [.......], I have a bakery and I can deliver cookies and ice-cream to my citizens”, Even though I am a huge Film and TV nerd, who’s seen a good amount of Chekhov’s Gunmen, I genuinely think that’s one of the best examples of foreshadowing I’ve ever seen
also if you arent an obsessed tvtropes user, ‘chekhov’s gunman’ is a character that seems unimportant until the last minute where he comes back, so.. fundy.
Iris Huisman
Iris Huisman Před 29 dny
Why tf did Tubbo have a Herobrine skin throughout like half of the video xD
godmyhaxe8 Před 29 dny
MOM TOOK AWAY MY PS4! so i punched a hole through my bedroom wall.
buster b
buster b Před měsícem
I've never watched hamilton but this is probably the same
buster b
buster b Před měsícem
Swag=Liberals Pog=Conservatives
Lilly Claire
Lilly Claire Před měsícem
21:32 gets me every time
James Pilkinton
James Pilkinton Před měsícem
Rewatching this and Tommy has overtaken Gogy in subs
Orya Levi
Orya Levi Před měsícem
Every time they say a line from Hamilton I'm satisfied
Angela Clevenger
Angela Clevenger Před měsícem
i just. its so dramatic... and then wilbur and tommy start reciting lines from hamilton lmaooo
Amayah Berry Everett
Amayah Berry Everett Před měsícem
*Having a brutal argument* Karl: *mines cobblestone and torch with hand*
Bennie Phil
Bennie Phil Před měsícem
I love how you cosplay yourself😊
꧁ HenryFriggin ꧂
꧁ HenryFriggin ꧂ Před měsícem
That moment when you realize Tommy would actually be a fairly good politician
• Lunaqxii •
• Lunaqxii • Před 7 dny
He'd win by the sheer power of anger alone
Catriona Daw
Catriona Daw Před měsícem
"make me proud Tommy" - Wilbur soot 2020 "I'm proud of you Tommy" - Wilbur soot 2021
•Chaotic• Před 2 dny
Catriona Daw
Catriona Daw Před měsícem
The best president our country ever had o7
Brad Fowler
Brad Fowler Před měsícem
Yes this is also my favorite show.
Skydrop Uzumaki
Skydrop Uzumaki Před měsícem
Pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog
Bryson Lewis
Bryson Lewis Před měsícem
Pria D
Pria D Před měsícem
Wilburs “aww” was so cute 2:34
Pria D
Pria D Před měsícem
I'm just going to mention for the quibilion zillionth millionth time how much I love the Hamilton references.
Owl Spaghetti
Owl Spaghetti Před měsícem
1:54 i literally choked
Moth Před měsícem
The infinite Hamilton references make my day
PvPMooshter Před měsícem
this is so emotional...
kuos Před měsícem
Hamilton but Minecraft
Dragonic NovaLord
Dragonic NovaLord Před měsícem
I like how they say that Wilbur is warmongering and wants nothing but violence when they were the ones who declared the war in the first place, also blew up half of the country, and one person has killed more than anyone on the other side
The Mighty Almaty Squirrel
Yes, but that’s what happens when people rebel against the regime even if they’re in the right
Kurapika Kurta
Kurapika Kurta Před měsícem
Addison Goodlett
Addison Goodlett Před měsícem
This whole video was like : this you ???
Huntleigh Barnett
Huntleigh Barnett Před měsícem
Nobody not even tommy Me: *yelling POG 2021* My mom:👁👄👁
Green Bean Being
Green Bean Being Před měsícem
Why does Wilbur look so dignified while tommy is talking?
Chaotic_Mood Před měsícem
All the hamtilon references are amazing yet driving me nuts-
Aspyn Smith
Aspyn Smith Před měsícem
“It was despicable how much you caught me off just then, I’m scared not being able to say my points because George wants to shout, ‘listen to me’” ...why does this sound like how the American elections went? why does a dozen or so twenty-year-old gamers arguing over a fake election sound the same as my countries presidential elections? ;-;
The Mighty Almaty Squirrel
*sobbing* “O say can you see by the dawns early light” *Mental breakdown starts* “W-what so proudly w-we hailed at the t-twilights last gleaming” *Starts sobbing uncontrollably*
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Před měsícem
Shhhhh gogy
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Před měsícem
Hi triped
Deathguy27 Před měsícem
We need a count on how many Hamilton references Wilbur makes
Teagan Jeffrey
Teagan Jeffrey Před měsícem
I'm pro police.
blazingoil Před měsícem
somehow tubbo has the best lines in everything he's in
Okami Draws
Okami Draws Před měsícem
Meanwhile Tubbo is just Herobrine
JacksonTheBear Před měsícem
I love these vids
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